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When it comes to planning weddings, one of the hardest decisions you can make is choosing your colors. Fall weddings are even a little trickier with the dark hues and weather that has just begun to turn. Luckily for brides in 2016, Pantone has posted the top ten colors for fall weddings in 2016. We have some ideas how to use them in your wedding wisely. From feature colors to backdrops that highlight your wedding color in accents, here’s a fun how-to on Fall 2016 wedding colors!

Spicy MustardMustard

Spicy Mustard is amazing for an adventurous bride. This rich gold tone can stand out in a lot of ways. Bridesmaids can wear Spicy Mustard gowns with the groomsmen wearing deep gray suits with spicy mustard ties or yellow rose boutonnieres.






Potter’s ClayPotters Clay

This deeply beautiful fall color is well-complemented by metallic gold. Potter’s Clay looks great as an accent color on a wedding cake, in a bouquet or even as a bridesmaid dress. Try incorporating leaves in this color to your fall wedding decor.






Lush MeadowLush Meadow

Fall weddings don’t have to follow suit with leaves and rustic romance; you can use Lush Meadow as a gorgeous accent color for a beach-themed fall wedding too! Think shoes, candles, and even a cake color! Pearl tones give Lush Meadow an elegant glimmer and shine. So, don’t be afraid to use Lush Meadow as a feature color and layer it with pearlized versions.






Dusty CedarDusty Cedar

A beautiful pink hue, Dusty Cedar is perfect for the romantic bride who loves everything pink. Paint your nails, pick your bridesmaid dresses, and throw on some dusty rose pearls. Everything can be this color. From roses, to the cake, even your shoes. Why not wear a sweet sequined wrap in dusty rose for a pop of color over our wedding dress. This color really does come in just about anything so go wild!




Top Wedding Colors for Fall 2016

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